Theory Courses

Recreational Aviation Theory Courses

First of all… All student pilots have the opertunity to self  study in regards to recreation aviation theory, but as we all learn at different levels and of course some sort of controlled environment “The Class Room” . Mark Pracy presents aviation courses in a enthusiastic environment due to the fact that all of the students want to be there. He is  a qualified work place trainer and assessor coupled with a current RAAus flight Instructor Rating .Mark is able to connect with people from all different environments.The use of  PowerPoint presentation to aid students in the learning process is used in conjunction with many other aids. These courses are  presented in small groups with plenty of opportunity for discussions. Class sizes are between 2 – 8 people and bookings are required for all courses. Courses are held in Ashtonfield Maitland, 20 minutes drive from Newcastle.

Human Factors A very high rate of accidents with recreational aviation pilots being contributed to some kind of human failure to respond to an avoidable incident.  RA-Aus has now introduced a new requirement that all current students are to complete a Human Factors course and exam before attaining their pilot certificates. Our courses are designed to help you to pass the RAAus exams with underlying knowlage. – this is where we come in.

– BAK  -theory course covering basic aeronautical knowledge  Subject.
Cross Country–  theory courses.
All of our theory courses are priced to suit the time alloted we also cater to small class sizes if needed, from 2 -8 students, and times and days are negotiable – we aim to be flexible and to meet your needs where we can.
Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK)
This course is a mandatory component of obtaining a pilots certificate , This course explains how aircraft actually fly.
Our Flight Rules and Procedures course is the theory component of the R.A.A. Cross country endorsement.
The course goes through planning your flight, calculating required fuel, reading maps, reading the weather, and much more – you learn in a fun environment which helps you retain what you have learnt.
RAAus Pilot Certificate course
This is your first taste of hitting the skies and putting into practice what you have learned in the classroom. If completing this course we can either incorporate the theory or you can complete them separately.
We can also incorporate all of your required endorsements into this course. However,  you will need to allow some time, talk to Mark or Michael with your individual requirements, they will be only too pleased to tailor a training package to your needs
Cross Country Endorsement
. Combining the practical with the theory course, you will receive great all round training, and before you know it you will be flying all around this great country of ours!
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