Flying Costs


For Flight Training in the J160

Cost $175 Dual

Cost $120 Solo

Training Introductory Flight only $90 for a 30min flight!

Pilot Certificate

Trial Introductory Flight                               $90
RA-Aus membership                                   $160
Training (Min. 20 hours)@$175                   $3500
Text books and Administration                     $240

TOTAL                                                      $3990

Learning to fly is a lot easier than people think. Today there are thousands of people joining flying groups for pleasure. They come from varing backgrounds and have a variety of reasons for wanting to be a pilot. Some fly to expand business opportunities. Others to explore our great country. Some have a life long passion for aviation but were unable to fulfill there dreams until the family has grown up and moved on.

Most people fly for the sheer fun of it.

The basic requirements you will have to meet in order to fly solo.

You must be at least 15 and speak English also be medically fit to hold a drivers licence.

Minimum 20 hours flight time.

  • Solo flight take an average 12 hours.
  • Further training will prepare you for your first test.
  • Any other licence or flying time will be taken into consideration although 5 hours is the minimum.
  • If you meet these requirements and you must be 15 to fly solo with an RAA licence .


Safety First

Safety is the foundation of flight training with current new aircraft engineered and built to rigid standards and are constantly checked to make certain they’re always airworthy.

Also new technology, like GPS (Global Positioning System), makes navigation safer than ever. Innovations in weather tracking radar and radio communications, make today’s aircraft one of the safest vehicles ever invented.

Decision Time
Once you’ve made the decision, it’s time to begin training. Pilot training consists of both ground and flight courses which cover flight rules and regulations, flight planning, navigation, radio procedures and weather. In order to receive your certificate, you must pass the written exams (rules and regulations) set by the school and then the fun part  starts . Payments for part-time training are at the end of each lesson, usually an hour in the air which makes budgeting easer. We also have credit card facilitys avalible.

Imagine flying to a nearby country town for breakfast or lunch you can even taking your friends (or family) on a weekend getaway, traveling at more than twice the speed of a car. Flying is fun! You decide where you’re going, when you want to arrive and when to return. And there are more than 5,300 airports across the country in communities just like yours…just waiting for your arrival!

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